Friday, February 3, 2017

My Personal Particulars

A very rare black & white photo of
Me and family in 1968

I was born on Sunday, 7th April 1968 at Sabak Bernam in the state of Selangor. As per in the above rare black & white family photo, I was a baby on my mom's lap. My father is Abdul Latif Bin Hassan Basri and my mother is Rahmah Binti Kasid. I was named SALEH after the fifth prophet. On my Identity Card (IC) with the number of 680407-10-5835, my registered full name is SALEH BIN ABD LATIF. Thus, this year I will be 49 years old on April 7.

My father and my mother are first cousins. They were married during the Japanese invasion in 1944. I am the fifth of six siblings. Both my parent are Malay, thus I am a Malay too. For sure, I am a Muslim and a male.

At the moment, I am staying in Shah Alam with my wife and three children. While I was in the United States in the early 90s, I would tell that I am 5 feet 4 inches when asked about height. It is equivalent to 165 cm. And I would tell that I am about 165 Ibs when asked about weight. Do you know what is my weight in kilogram? It is about 75 kg.

So, now my personal particulars is complete in the first section of the resume.

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