Friday, February 3, 2017

My Educational Backgroud - Part 1

In this Part 1 of my educational background, I will provide the information on my schooling years since the primary school until the upper secondary school. 


I entered the primary school in January 1975. I went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Tengar or shortly known as SKST. I was studying in that school until December 1980. During my time in primary school, I sit the Penilaian Darjah Lima examination ,which nowadays is UPSR, when I was in Standard 5 which was in 1979.

Believe it or not I do still keep the pictures of the class from Standard 2 until Standard 6. With the digital advance, I have digitized all the photos from my primary school period and share them here. 

Standard 2 - 1976
The above photo is very sentimental to me because it is a black and white one. It was taken more than four decades ago. I do still remember the names of the teachers in the photo. Standing on the most left is Ustaz Hamzah and standing on the most right is Teacher Zailani, the English teacher. Meanwhile my class teacher is sitting (from left), Cikgu Abdul Ghani. Sitting next to him is the school headmaster, Cikgu Abdul Rashid.

Standard 3 - 1977
In the above picture, the class was with our class teacher, Cikgu Norsiah Idris. All the girls were sitting in front while all the boys were standing at the back.

Standard 4 - 1978
Among the events in 1978 was the world cup in Argentina. From the picture, obviously the school headmaster was still Cikgu Abdul Rashid. And Teacher Zailani taught us English.

Standard 5 - 1979
Our class teacher in 1979 was Cikgu Mahfudz. We had new headmaster while I was in Standard 5.

Standard 6 - 1980
The class teacher was Cikgu Fatimah Yusof. Among the teachers who taught us were Ustazah Rohani, Cikgu Ku Ahmad and Cikgu Jaimah.

Scout Troop - 1979
I was active while in primary school. I joined the Scout and was the head trooper for my year batch which had six members only.

Several Prefects with Cikgu Ku Ahmad - 1980
I was one of the players in the school football team. I was playing as a striker. Cikgu Abdul rahman and Cikgu Ku Ahmad from Langkawi were our coaches. I still remember, I used to lead my classmates for a football friendly with football teams from neighboring schools. When playing away, we would ride bicycles together during weekends.   

SKST football team - 1980
I had been chosen as a school prefect since I was in Standard 5 in 1979. As I recall, only two Standard 5 pupils were selected to the post. The rest were from Standard 6. 

The School Prefects - 1979


I was accepted to a boarding school located at Sungai Kantan, Kajang, Selangor. Kajang was about 150 kilometers away from my home in Sabak Bernam. I was studying at the school known as SMKU Maahad Hamidiah from Form 1 (1981) until Form 3 (1983). In 1983, I took the Sijil Rendah Pelajaran or SRP exam, currently called PT3.

Unfortunately, not many photos during my time at the school in my photo collection. Below are three pictures that I have digitized to remember my lower secondary school moments.

In Dorm A - 1981
As I recall the yesteryears between 1981 to 1983, there were 3 dorms for the boys hostel - Dorm A, Dorm B and Dorm C. All of us the Form Ones were staying in Dorm A. We had to walk to school every morning for about three kilometers and back to hostel after the school session. One of the advantages having the hostel quite far away from school is me and my friends had the time for a chit chat while walking.

Form 2 Boys - 1982

Going back to hostel after school session

Having good SRP exam results, I was offered to a prestigious boarding school in Kelang for Form 4 and Form 5. The school is known as Kolej Islam Kelang (KIK). Nowadays, KIK has changed name to Kolej Islam Alam Shah or KISAS. I was offered the Science stream. The Science stream had three classes. I was in Science 3. I was at KIK from 1984 until 1985.

Class 5 Science 3 with class teacher, Bonda Kertini - 1985

Registering Day at KIK - 1984

I still remember that I went alone to the school during the registration day. After the registration process completed, all of us were directed to Block D hostel. The block had four floors, and my room was on the highest floor. In the room, there were two double-decker beds meaning in the room was shared by four people.

Me and my three room mates - 1985
Hisham Zakaria (standing left), Radzuan, Me (sitting left) and Samin

Scout activity - 1985

While I was at KIK, I joined the Scouts for uniform club. I had been involved in almost all its activities and programs.

1984 School Magazine

1985 School Magazine

Having the school magazines is very important for me. The magazines have the class photos and the information like the address of my friends and teachers. I have also digitized the two school magazines. Due to the digital advantage, my children and grand children can see the class photos and read the magazines about me while studying at the school.

My Personal Particulars

A very rare black & white photo of
Me and family in 1968

I was born on Sunday, 7th April 1968 at Sabak Bernam in the state of Selangor. As per in the above rare black & white family photo, I was a baby on my mom's lap. My father is Abdul Latif Bin Hassan Basri and my mother is Rahmah Binti Kasid. I was named SALEH after the fifth prophet. On my Identity Card (IC) with the number of 680407-10-5835, my registered full name is SALEH BIN ABD LATIF. Thus, this year I will be 49 years old on April 7.

My father and my mother are first cousins. They were married during the Japanese invasion in 1944. I am the fifth of six siblings. Both my parent are Malay, thus I am a Malay too. For sure, I am a Muslim and a male.

At the moment, I am staying in Shah Alam with my wife and three children. While I was in the United States in the early 90s, I would tell that I am 5 feet 4 inches when asked about height. It is equivalent to 165 cm. And I would tell that I am about 165 Ibs when asked about weight. Do you know what is my weight in kilogram? It is about 75 kg.

So, now my personal particulars is complete in the first section of the resume.